Gorilla Tag reaches more than 1 million daily active players

Gorilla Tag reaches more than 1 million daily active players

The VR phenomenon Gorilla Tag is reaching new and impressive milestones.


Studio Another Axiom has released new user numbers that prove the immense popularity of the VR game.

According to the studio, Gorilla Tag has seen

  • over 1 million daily active users,
  • over 3 million monthly active users
  • and over 10 million lifetime users,
  • with users spending an average of nearly 60 minutes per session playing Gorilla Tag.

Revenues for the VR game have now exceeded $100 million. Gorilla Tag is free to play on Meta Quest and makes money through microtransactions. The Steam version is paid.

MIXED reported in March that Gorilla Tag was the first VR game to break the 100,000 rating mark on the Quest Store. That's twice as many as Beat Saber. Gorilla Tag currently has over 115,000 ratings.



The future of VR belongs to Generation Alpha

Gorilla Tag launched on Steam and the sideloading platform Sidequest in early 2021, followed by the App Lab shortly thereafter. The game graduated to the Quest Store in late 2022.

In Gorilla Tag, you play as a monkey, using your arms to push off surfaces, climb trees, and swing around a virtual environment. All while playing tag with others. Gorilla Tag is a true VR game that could not be realized in any other gaming medium.

Gorilla Tag is predominantly played by a young audience, who use it as a virtual playground and social gathering place. Kids and teens seem less bothered by the form factor of current headsets and the physical intensity that VR can bring. As "VR natives", they could represent an important group of VR users in the coming years and decades.‍

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