Frame gets smarter: Brilliant Labs pushes its AI smart glasses with new features

Frame gets smarter: Brilliant Labs pushes its AI smart glasses with new features

With an innovative text-to-speech feature, low latency, and its own graphics and vector engine, Brilliant Labs aims to give developers more options for their Frame apps.


Startup Brilliant Labs has announced a number of new features and powerful tools for its Frame AI headset. Key updates include advanced text-to-speech capabilities, reduced latency for streaming responses, and the introduction of an in-house graphics and vector engine.

Developers can now offer a more intuitive interaction between Frame's AI assistant Noa and users, ultimately creating more creative and innovative AI applications.

Improvements include:

  • Text-to-speech for Noa: Users can hear responses directly from their Frame headset. This feature provides an intuitive, hands-free way to communicate with the Noa AI assistant.
  • Graphics and vector engine: This tool allows developers to create and deliver sophisticated graphical and vector-based content that is displayed directly in front of the user's eyes. This opens up new possibilities for interactive content.
  • Connected services: Users can use their own Perplexity and OpenAI subscriptions to run on Frame without restrictions, unlocking the full potential of their preferred language model.

Multimodal AI headset Frame takes off

Brilliant Labs recently unveiled the world's first smart glasses with a built-in multimodal AI assistant. The 39-gram Frame comes with an always-on AI assistant called Noa.

The multimodal generative AI system can run GPT4, Stability AI, and Whisper AI models simultaneously. By analyzing interactions between the user and the AI assistant, Noa is designed to evolve and develop a unique personality.



With Frame, Brilliant Labs aims to take the use of generative AI from the laptop to the real world. Instead of typing in questions, the system uses input from the environment. Noa processes what its camera picks up, recognizes speech and sounds, translates in real time, or summarizes entire pages of a book.

It can also compare prices in stores by scanning clothing or other items. Frame is not capable of sophisticated mixed reality features like Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3. The MicroOLEDs built into the frame display images and text in a 20-degree field of view.

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