First VR game benefits from Quest 2's performance boost

First VR game benefits from Quest 2's performance boost

Meta Quest 2's performance update has arrived, and the first VR game to announce a performance boost that packs a punch.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is the first known VR game to take advantage of Meta Quest 2's announced performance update, which is expected to give the popular mini-golf game a significant performance boost. Specifically, according to developer studio Mighty Coconut, resolution will improve by 33 percent.

VR Minigolf gets sharper

Just before Christmas, Meta announced a special gift: Meta Quest 2 is getting a performance boost. By increasing the GPU clock limit, the potentially available GPU processing power improves by about 7 percent, according to the announcement.

Neel Bedekar, who helped develop the performance boost, said via Twitter that the tweak would be applied system-wide. VR apps that cannot maintain a stable frame rate would automatically benefit from the improved GPU performance.

Developers would have to make adjustments for stable VR apps first. Mighty Coconut seems to have done that now, claiming a 33 percent improvement in resolution.


Improved resolution also for Pico 4

The Meta Quest 2 performance boost may not be the only factor in the resolution improvement, as the studio has announced similar improvements for the Pico 4 version of the game as well. They are already working on it.

In order for Walkabout Mini Golf VR's improved resolution to take effect, users will need to install the latest update v49 for Meta Quest 2. Mighty Coconut shows how to ensure the automatic installation in the following tweet.

Mighty Coconut is releasing the resolution update for Quest 2 at the same time as the Atlantis update for Walkabout Mini Golf VR, which will be available for download on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

With the new underwater world comes a price increase. Starting with the Atlantis DLC, the price of new Walkabout courses will increase by one dollar to around $4. According to Mighty Coconut, the courses will be larger and have more features. The price increase does not apply to DLCs that have already been released. They will still cost around $3.

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