Trippy mixed reality music visualizer Effex is coming to Vision Pro

Trippy mixed reality music visualizer Effex is coming to Vision Pro

The music visualizer Effex, already available for Meta Quest, will get its own improved version on Vision Pro.

Some time ago I tried Effex, a music visualizer for Quest 3's mixed reality. I liked the idea a lot, but criticized the fact that the app could only visualize a handful of pre-installed tracks, but not your own songs.

I then asked the developers if they intended to add this feature at a later date. In an email, XOCUS confirmed that they plan to add a microphone option that will allow you to incorporate your own music into the experience. The studio also wrote that new effects for Effex are in the works.

Effex is coming to Vision Pro

XOCUS also announced that a new, distinct version of Effex for Vision Pro is in development, which will offer different effects to the Quest version and will be of "exceptional quality".

Below is the full statement of the studio:

We are currently in the process of developing new effects for Effex, and we're excited to announce that some of these ideas were suggested by our dedicated community on Discord. Also we are monitoring player's feedback in the Meta and SideQuest store and we will improve the application following their suggestions and requests after we release the remaining releases, because at the moment our main efforts are directed at them.

Among the Effex upcoming features, we will introduce a microphone option, allowing users to incorporate their own audio into the experience. Furthermore, there will be interaction with effects, enhancing the overall immersive experience.


In addition to these exciting updates, we are pleased to reveal exclusive details about our upcoming launch on Apple Vision Pro. For it we are creating a distinct Spatial Computing Effex that will offer effects different from those available on Meta. This unique product promises exceptional quality and innovation, setting it apart in the market. We strongly believe in the appeal of this offering and are already working on additional SC for Apple Vision Pro. While we can't disclose all the development details at this moment, we look forward to sharing more information in the near future!

The studio has also sent us a few images showing the Vision Pro version of Effex.

Blue waves of the Effex Visualizer in a living room.

Luminous tile pattern of the Effex Visualizer in a kitchen.