Effective VR training in the food industry

Effective VR training in the food industry

The world's largest food manufacturer relies on virtual reality with VRdirect for safety training, among other things.

It's a small pleasure in everyday life: a chocolate bar after a stressful day, coffee in the morning, or ice cream during a summer outing. Behind many of these foods is the world's largest food manufacturer Nestlé. With such an important role in food production, its facilities must be operated safely.

For its safety briefings, Nestlé relies on virtual reality training. At the Nescafé factory in Girona, northern Spain, the company has rolled out VR training to educate employees about traffic rules on the company premises and safety instructions on the production floor.

VR imparts knowledge and safety

Nestlé uses VR training to raise employees' awareness of potentially dangerous areas. Onboarding of new employees also benefits from interactive 360-degree tours: Before they even enter the company premises, they get an immersive overview.

The VR training presents different scenarios in which employee behavior is interactively checked: How do I behave correctly when a forklift crosses my path? On which paths can I move safely? What hygiene regulations must I observe before entering the production hall?

VR training with VRdirect: Easy to use, almost unlimited scaling

Employees immersively explore the areas of the company premises where safety is critical via VR headset, smartphone, or tablet from an easy-to-understand virtual environment. The hands-on nature of the VR simulation is inviting and reduces the risk of accidents in the real environment.

For Nestlé, the VR training in Girona is a blueprint it can adapt to local conditions at its 354 factories around the world, as well as other business units. Jeremy Moussai, Global IT Innovation Manager at Nestlé, is relying on collaboration with VRdirect to do this:


"With VRdirect, we make Virtual Reality technology available to departments all over the world. With just one solution, a wide range of use cases can be implemented – all with the same framework."

This makes it possible to create a comprehensive, innovative, and sustainable VR training program for each location and workflow, which is up to 75 percent more effective than traditional learning methods. In addition, it saves significant costs simply because of the option to repeat an unlimited number of times at any location.

VRdirect: VR expertise for companies

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