Drakheir – A magical VR game like you've never experienced before

Drakheir – A magical VR game like you've never experienced before

Get ready for an epic adventure in a magical VR world. Drakheir transforms you into a hand tracking wizard on Meta Quest 2 and later on Quest 3.

YongHo Studio sends you with "Drakheir" into a fantasy world full of magic, elves, orcs, and epic boss fights. What's special about this VR game is that it relies entirely on the precise hand tracking of Meta Quest 2 (and later also Quest 3) – you cast powerful spells directly from your hands.

Let's see what else awaits you in Drakheir.

Story of Drakheir: The Dragons Return

Driven by greed, humans once exterminated all dragons. The fire-breathing giants guarded the deep mines where magical crystals were hidden. Wealth and power corrupted the humans, and dark wizards unbalanced the world.

When a dragon egg is finally discovered, the world is threatened with the return of the dragons forever.

But every time the world threatens to fall into darkness, a hero rises from the darkness: the Drakheir. Armed with the most powerful forces ever seen by man, the chosen one must set out to save the world from destruction.

Drakheir: An epic quest from outcast to savior of the world

A powerful wizard doesn't just fall out of the sky, does he? At the beginning of your adventure in Drakheir, you wake up ingloriously face down in a meadow.

You are surrounded by villagers who want to banish you for a supposed disease on your hands, and quickly end up in a prison cart.

A dark orc mage roams through tall grass.

An Orc High Priest is on your trail in Drakheir. | Image: YongHo Studio

It soon becomes clear that you are more than just a sick prisoner. On your way through an enchanted forest, an orc attack allows you to escape, and a sage takes you under her wing. While the soldiers see no land in their fight against the orcs, your hands become magical weapons thanks to a mysterious bracelet.

The game's epic quest spans multiple dimensions and reveals long-held secrets of a mysterious kingdom. Explore a compelling storyline with the help of tiny elves, a mysterious sage, and other enigmatic NPCs.

Thriving fantasy world powered by Unreal Engine 5

During the more than six-hour story, you'll journey through three unique worlds with over twenty different level sections.

From the blooming fairy tale forest to the deadly shadow world, you will find everything your fantasy-heart desires.

A magical city in the VR game Drakheir with imposing towers and a grand staircase.

In Drakheir you can expect unique worlds with great design. | Image: YongHo Studio

Drakheir harnesses the power of the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5, which uses PBR and NPR art pipelines to create a stunning blend of realistic and stylized graphics. Expect a vibrant world full of rich colors, creative monster design, and stunning effects.

Great hand tracking puts magic in your fingers

Meta Quest 2's precise hand tracking is the standout feature of Drakheir. Intuitive gestures let you cast powerful spells without the need for cumbersome VR controllers. The result is a realistic gameplay experience that immerses you in the virtual magical world of Drakheir.


There's also no need to worry about motion sickness in Drakheir. In true wizard fashion, you can teleport from point A to point B with a simple wave of your hand. If you prefer to move fluidly in VR, just clasp your hands together and bend in the direction you want to go.

With precise hand tracking, you'll summon powerful spells with your fingers in Drakheir.

With precise hand tracking, you'll cast powerful spells with your fingers in Drakheir. | Image: YongHo Studio

The Elemental Fusion Magic in Drakheir offers an entirely new gameplay experience as you cast each spell with a different gesture. There are over 40 elemental spells at your disposal, which you can unlock throughout the game in exchange for crystals.

Throw fireballs from your index finger or form a powerful ball of energy between your hands. Casting spells in a video game has never felt so real. You can even summon the avatar of a massive giant and control it in battle with your hand movements.

More than forty powerful elemental spells are at your disposal in Drakheir. | Image: YongHo Studio

There are also a number of powerful magical weapons: The Ice Sword, which unleashes a powerful beam of energy when drawn, or the Thunder Axe, which makes Kratos' Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarök look old.

Beyond your hands, though, you'll have another powerful magical weapon at your disposal: Your voice. With the optional Verbal Conjuring feature, Drakheir allows you to cast powerful spells using only voice commands. Please note that this feature is currently in the experimental phase.

Epic boss battles that will test your courage

Battles in Drakheir remain challenging and varied despite the increasingly powerful magical powers.

Clenching your hand into a fist and pushing it forward summons a powerful energy shield that deflects melee and ranged attacks, giving you the chance to quickly counterattack.

In Drakheir you will face three epic bosses that will demand everything from you. | Image: YongHo Studio

Quick-time events of Epiphany allow you to exploit your opponent's weaknesses or simply manipulate time to your advantage. You'll also be able to combine spells to become more powerful, which is necessary since Drakheir features three massive bosses.

We don't want to give too much away, but these monumental boss battles will demand everything of you. Only mastering your magical craft will help you win these battles and ultimately save the world from destruction.

Get your hands on Drakheir now

The Early Access version of Drakheir is finally available. Download it from Meta App Lab and try out this magical adventure. The Quest 3 will be supported as soon as it is released.