Demeo Battles gets a 'Ranked Mode' and new single player content

Demeo Battles gets a 'Ranked Mode' and new single player content

Demeo Battles has received its biggest update to date, adding leaderboards, ranks, and seasons, as well as new single-player challenges.


The update includes the following:

  • A ranked mode with ranks (from "Bronze" to "Ace") and month-long seasons. At the end of the season, the leaderboards will be locked and final player positions available for all champions to see.
  • 10 new single player challenges
  • Three new arenas, new card backs and skins
  • Themed in-game events

The first in-game event will take place from April 15-22 and will be called "Rat Week". During this time, rats will appear more frequently in the shop and will be available for 30 percent less gold. Additional events will be announced in-game as time goes on.

The update is rolling out to Meta Quest, Pico and Steam (flat-screen & VR version).

Resolution Games also confirms that Demeo Battles is still coming to PS5 and Playstation VR 2 later this year.



Demeo Battles: Intense tactical battles for competitive players

Demeo Battles is a standalone PVP spin-off of Demeo and was released in November 2023.

Unlike the original, Demeo Battles pits you against other players, either alone or in pairs. For non-competitive players, there are single player challenges that will keep you busy for hours. Another big difference from Demeo is that rounds last only 15–20 minutes, which means you can enjoy Demeo Battles in short bursts.

I have played Demeo Battles for many hours, both online and offline, and can recommend it without reservation. Anyone who loves Demeo and is looking for a greater challenge will have a lot of fun with Demeo Battles.