Minecraft-inspired 'CyubeVR' coming to Playstation VR 2 this week

Minecraft-inspired 'CyubeVR' coming to Playstation VR 2 this week

CyubeVR is a creative sandbox game similar to Minecraft, but built from the ground up for VR with beautiful visuals.


Stonebrick Studios announces that CyubeVR will be released for Playstation VR 2 on March 16th.

The VR game features an open voxel-based world that can be freely explored and shaped. If you need more guidance, you can take on a list of objectives that will guide you through all the important aspects of the game, from cutting down trees to collecting rare resources and crafting powerful tools.

CyubeVR was designed from the ground up for virtual reality, so you can use your hands to mine and craft. The world is fully destructible and modifiable. You can explore caves and mountains, build bridges and structures, or focus on becoming more and more powerful.

The game is based on the Unreal Engine and supports foveated rendering, 8K textures and dynamic lighting. There is also a day-night cycle, different climate zones and a dynamic weather system.


An almost unique feature of CyubeVR is that it supports mods on PS5. You can browse, download and install custom mod blocks created by the community. Many hundreds of custom mod blocks are available to be used.

CyubeVR offers a variety of settings for artificial locomotion and accessibility. You can choose how dark the nights should be, how bright the light sources should be, and even the length of the days and nights can be adjusted.


CyubeVR is available to buy on Steam and from March 16th in the Playstation Store. You can connect with the community on CyubeVR's Discord server, which has almost 4,000 members.


CyubeVR: In development for more than five years

CyubeVR can look back on a long development history: it was released in Early Access on Steam in 2018 and has already received nearly 1,000 positive reviews since then.

The PSVR 2 version is based on the latest update 57, which brought localization in multiple languages, a seated mode, and various graphics optimizations.


Stonebrick Studios is a German studio located in Buxtehude.

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