Create VR Apps in your browser: Start now for free with VRdirect WebStudio

Create VR Apps in your browser: Start now for free with VRdirect WebStudio

With VRdirect's WebStudio, companies start with virtual reality into the metaverse quickly, easily and even for free.

The VRdirect WebStudio offers companies many advantages:

  • Online web studio for immediate start with VR in the company
  • no installation necessary, runs in the browser
  • quick and easy start
  • drag-and-drop of 360-degree images for backgrounds and rooms
  • intelligent set-up function with batch upload for 360-degree images and pre-configuration of scenes
  • Clearly arranged scene storyboard
  • supports all common media formats

VR bridges today into tomorrow's metaverse

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has proclaimed the metaverse age. The Internet will be 3D and fundamentally change work and everyday life in many areas. But this metaverse is still a vision of the future.

Virtual Reality is a different story: the technology is established and has long since proven its usefulness in the corporate environment.

For example, employees memorize work steps better than in traditional training because, thanks to head and body movements in VR, their motor memory is also active. Moreover, VR training is independent of local conditions: Virtually, the machine is always free for a quick repetition. In this way, employees build up routines more quickly.

Furthermore, companies that invest in VR today, experiment with it, adopt 3D processes and learn about the pros and cons, start the metaverse with a big head start. That's because VR and AR are the foundational metaverse technologies.

Zuckerberg sees it that way, too: Meta plans to launch four more VR headsets by 2024 alone. Apple will also soon enter the VR business, Google is planning its return to the immersive media business, and Microsoft and Samsung are also working on new prototypes. The XR avalanche picks up speed - and will soon affect the entire business world.

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VRdirect WebStudio: The easiest way to start into the metaverse

VRdirect WebStudio makes it easy for companies to get started with virtual reality: The online editor runs directly in the browser without installation. There are no limits for additional scenes, rooms, or editor features.


VR amateurs, beginners, and professionals can create interactive 360-degree experiences for VR or the browser within minutes. Drag and drop to create easily a prototype that can be used to attract colleagues to your VR idea.

When you upload your own 360-pictures, our WebStudio automation prepares those images for VR and adds basic interaction elements. Thanks to cloud storage, you can work on projects anywhere - while working from home or on the train during a business trip.

In our metaverse guide, we show you how to discover VR projects that make sense for your company, develop a concept, and implement it in seven simple steps.

VRdirect: VR know-how for companies

The VRdirect WebStudio is based on our successful and award-winning software, VRdirect Studio. It allows companies to create even more extensive, complex VR applications for training, education, onboarding and many other areas.

With VRdirect Studio and our expertise, we accompany many large companies on their individual way into the metaverse. As a technology partner, we have years of experience with virtual reality for effective business applications.

You can find examples for using VR in companies and more information about our VRdirect software suite on our website.