Playstation VR 2: The sci-fi-fantasy game Arken Age is a feast for the eyes

Playstation VR 2: The sci-fi-fantasy game Arken Age is a feast for the eyes

Arken Age is a physics-based combat and exploration game with beautiful graphics. It is slated for release in 2024 for PSVR 2 and PC VR.

Canadian studio Vitruvius VR has a wealth of experience in VR game development with Mervils (2016) and Shadow Legend (2019). Both titles were released for Playstation VR and PC VR headsets.

The studio is staying true to its roots with its new and most ambitious project to date. After three years of development, the sci-fi fantasy game Arken Age has been officially unveiled with a trailer. It will be released in the first quarter of 2024 for Playstation VR 2 and PC VR headsets. There is no mention of a release on standalone devices.

In Arken Age, you explore the Bio-Chasm, a terraformed realm created by a divine being, the Great Arborist, to extract an energy source called Arkenite. When contact with the creator is lost and the usurper Hyperion and his legion invade the Bio-Chasm, you join forces with the alien race Nara to repel the invaders and discover what happened to the Great Arborist.

Arken Age: A mixture of sci-fi and fantasy

The Bio-Chasm is a vast environment filled with unique life forms, artifacts, and dangers. There are 25 areas to explore in the ten-hour single-player campaign. With your full-body avatar, you can move about freely, jump, crouch, swim, and even climb using pickaxes. The same tool can also be used to mine arkenite shards to replenish your melee and ranged weapons with fresh energy and ammunition.

The game focuses on physics-based combat and weapon upgrades. You start the game with three weapons, which you can expand and customize with 30 modifications that you can find throughout the game. Players can turn their weapons into a throwing axe that returns on their command, a deployable saw that cuts off the limbs of opponents, or an energy-packed bow, to name a few. These sophisticated weapons are needed as enemies can jump on you, climb buildings, and switch between melee and ranged attacks.


Crafting and epic boss battles

As you explore the Bio-Chasm, you can find hidden loot, collect scraps from Hyperion's minions, and complete quests in exchange for valuable items. These resources can be melted into Hyperion alloy in refineries to later purchase blueprints, shields, grenades, health, and ammunition. With the help of blueprints, players can create new and powerful weapons at a crafting table.

The studio also promises epic bosses with battle phases that require well-timed attacks and blocks, as well as an endless battle mode to keep you engaged long after you've completed the campaign.

You can now add Arken Age to your wishlist on Steam and in the Playstation Store. Join the Arken Age Discord server to keep up to date with the VR game.

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