Christmas Eve Giveaway: Win a VR Putter & 7 VR Games in the MIXED Advent Calendar - Door 24

Christmas Eve Giveaway: Win a VR Putter & 7 VR Games in the MIXED Advent Calendar - Door 24


  • Adam H.



It's Christmas Eve in the MIXED Advent calendar: we're giving away 7 VR games for Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3 and a VR-Putter for Walkabout Mini Golf.

You can win VR games or hardware every day in our MIXED Advent calendar. Today we have a big bundle to win, including a VR Putter from HelloReal and 7 VR games.

We would like to thank HelloReal, Mighty Coconut, Schell Games, Brainz Gamify and Rebellion.

Win a big VR Games Bundle for Meta Quest & a VR Putter

Behind door number 24 today is a bundle with a VR Putter and the following games for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro:

  • 1x HelloReal VR Putter
  • 1x Walkabout Mini Golf
  • 1x Among Us VR
  • 1x Track Craft
  • 1x Sniper Elite VR
  • 1x I Expect You To Die Bundle (all three games)

Terms and Conditions

Entry deadline: From publication until 11.59 pm on the same day (Central European Time, CET).
Participation: Via the little door in the Advent calendar.
Drawing of winners: Within 7 days after the end of the competition day.
Notification of winners: By e-mail.
Shipping: Keys by e-mail, physical items by mail (address in USA, United Kingdom or Europe required. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are invited to participate in the parallel advent calendar on mixed.de).

Note: If the winner does not respond within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeited and we will redraw the prize.


The email address or postal address will only be used for the purpose of participation and for sending the prize. Any other use is excluded. All addresses will be deleted after the draw. Our privacy policy applies. Legal recourse is excluded. Physical items can only be sent to addresses within the USA, United Kingdom, or Europe.

In general, we cannot replace keys or items that do not work or cannot be redeemed, as we are only provided with a limited number of keys or items. See also the Terms and Conditions on the Advent Calendar site.

What you can expect from Walkabout Mini Golf


  • Title: Walkabout Mini Golf
  • Genre: Sport, Puzzle
  • Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
  • Developer: Mighty Coconut
  • Publisher: Mighty Coconut
  • Available on: Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, Quest 3, Playstation VR 2, SteamVR
  • Price: $15 (Playstation Store)

A great multiplayer game for VR

Walkabout Mini Golf, developed by Mighty Coconut and released on various platforms such as Quest and Playstation VR 2, is characterized by coherent comic graphics, great physics, varied courses and a perfect multiplayer implementation. Especially noteworthy is the feeling of deep relaxation that players experience on the courses.


Each mini-golf course has 18 holes with different obstacles and handicaps. The goal is to hit the golf ball into the hole at the end of each course at the right angle and with the right power.

Walkabout Mini Golf offers many detailed environments, from the Wild West to a space station or the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The environments are designed with a minimalist comic look, which is used intelligently and convincingly.

The mini-golf game itself is intuitive and feels very realistic, especially with the PSVR 2's Sense controllers, which make it feel like you are actually hitting a ball.

Walkabout Mini Golf is a consistently motivating gaming experience with challenging courses, top-notch physics, and beautiful graphics. It's the perfect game for a relaxing round on the green with friends.


What to expect from Among Us VR


  • Title: Among Us VR
  • Genre: Party, Social
  • Modes: Multiplayer
  • Developers: Schell Games, Innersloth LLC, and Robot Teddy
  • Publisher: Schell Games
  • Available on: Meta Quest, SteamVR, PSVR 2
  • Price: $10

In the VR version of the popular multiplayer game, there are hidden saboteurs among the crew members of a spaceship who try to damage machines or eliminate other players without being noticed. These saboteurs disguise themselves as normal players and act inconspicuously and discreetly. The remaining players must catch the saboteur and decide together who should be thrown out of the airlock.


What awaits you in Track Craft


  • Title: Track Craft
  • Genre: Arcade, Racing, Mixed Reality
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: Brainz Gamify
  • Publisher: Brainz Gamify
  • Available on: Meta Quest
  • Price: $10

Track Craft, a mixed reality game from Brainz Gamify, lets you host virtual mini-car races in your home. The XR app combines creative track design with intuitive controls, allowing you to create and share your own tracks. With over 50 levels and different vehicle types, Track Craft offers plenty of challenging tracks that invite you to perform crazy stunts thanks to the fun driving physics.


What to expect from Sniper Elite VR


  • Title: Sniper Elite VR
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Modes: Singleplayer
  • Developer: Just Add Water Limited
  • Publisher: Rebellion
  • Available on: Meta Quest
  • Price: $15 (Quest Store)

Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior is a stealth shooter game set in a World War II setting. It is the second VR version of Rebellion's traditional stealth shooter series. The game features an Italian freedom fighter as the protagonist, who fights against Nazis and aims to destroy their mysterious “wonder weapons.” The game is compatible with Meta Quest 3 and offers a gameplay very similar to its predecessor.

The game presents a combination of stealth and shooting actions, where the player can choose to move silently or aggressively. It offers alternate routes for more strategic gameplay, although the maps are not particularly large. It also features a humorous dubbed German audio for the guards, adding a layer of entertainment.

Another positive aspect of the game is its extensive and authentic arsenal of World War II weapons. Each weapon behaves differently, providing a variety of gameplay experiences. The game also features a kill cam, which follows the bullet shot by the sniper rifle and shows an x-ray view of the damage inflicted.


Despite some minor issues with enemy AI and graphics, Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior could be a decent VR game for stealth and shooter fans, provided the developers introduce creative mission design in the remaining levels.

What awaits you in I Expect You To Die


Title: I Expect You To Die
Genre: Escape room, Puzzle
Modes: Singleplayer
Developer: Schell Games
Publisher: Schell Games
Available on: Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, Quest 3, SteamVR
Price (Part 3): $25 (Meta Quest Store)

Three excellent VR puzzle games that are also suitable for beginners

“I Expect You To Die” is an exciting virtual reality game series that puts players in the role of a special agent and lets them complete various missions full of puzzles. The games are both interactive and intuitive, making them an excellent choice for VR beginners. The agent stories are rich in clichés, which leads to many humorous moments.


You must carefully examine each environment to progress and complete each mission. The puzzles are challenging and require interaction with objects to find clues. Mistakes can lead to an early end of a mission, but there are no checkpoints within a mission, which can be frustrating at times.

The game includes a telekinesis feature that allows you to move and interact with objects in the environment at a distance. This feature is especially useful since the game is played in a sitting position.