Vrgineers is about to announce a new high-end XTAL headset

Vrgineers is about to announce a new high-end XTAL headset

Czech headset maker Vrgineers has announced a $6 million Series A investment and will soon announce a new version of its XTAL headset.

The company develops VR headsets and simulators for professional and military pilot training. The headsets cost four and five figures and feature high-resolution displays and a wide field of view of approximately 180 degrees. Customers include NASA and ESA, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Air Force.

Vrgineers currently offers three devices: the XTAL 3 VR headset, the XTALs 3 NEO mixed reality headset, and the recently launched premium XTAL 3 CAVU, which is also MR-capable and uses chips from AMD and Nvidia.

Now, the startup announces the closing of a Series A investment round of 6 million US dollars. The round was led by Taiwan Capital. Previous investor Nation 1 increases its investment by half a million US dollars.

New XTAL headset to be unveiled soon

"This investment is not just about the necessary funds to boost our activities and products, but it also brings a great deal of overlap. This strategic investment has connected us with the leaders in the electronics development and manufacturing industry. With this connection, we can now improve our technology to the highest level possible," says CEO Marek Polcak.


The company plans to unveil a new version of its XTAL headset next, with the announcement to be made later this year.

The timing is probably no coincidence: Finnish headset maker Varjo, which also specializes in premium devices, unveiled a new generation and series of its headsets this week.

So far, startups like Varjo and Vrgineers have largely had the high end of the market to themselves. Apple will enter this market in early 2024 with Vision Pro and could take market share away from these companies, even if the target audience is not exactly the same in each case.