VR steampunk adventure The Time Plague continues a cult sci-fi novel

VR steampunk adventure The Time Plague continues a cult sci-fi novel

Based on H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", The Time Plague takes you into a VR world of time travel and adventure.


The Time Plague is a first-person steampunk adventure game set in the universe of H.G. Wells. Developed by a small independent game studio under the direction of an experienced solo developer, it combines compelling storytelling, exploration, and combat against intelligent enemies.

Continuing the original story of “The Time Machine”, you take on the role of a journalist who is drawn into a mysterious world of time travel. You will learn to use dangerous radiation weapons and other strange technologies to defeat the cunning Morlocks. The plot also features characters inspired by the works of other great Victorian authors, such as Jules Verne's Captain Nemo and Vincent Robur.

Key features of The Time Plague include richly detailed and atmospheric locations, vast and varied landscapes to explore, intelligent enemies, and a compelling story that unfolds as the game progresses.

The game is scheduled for release on April 30, 2024 and will be available in Early Access on Steam for PC-VR, PC and Steam Deck.



Inspired by the Bioshock universe

The Time Plague combines narrative concepts from games like Uncharted with the steampunk style of Bioshock. The Return to Rapture mod for Half-Life: Alyx 2022 shows the potential of the Bioshock universe for virtual reality. While The Time Plague tells a standalone story, similar elements could be found in a Bioshock VR title.

Developing an ambitious VR game like The Time Plague is a big challenge for a small indie studio. Unlike large game productions, they often have limited resources and funding. However, examples like Vertigo 2 show that even small teams can produce impressive results with passion and skill.

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