You can now try out Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice for free

You can now try out Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice for free

The free trials of Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice are now available for Playstation VR 2, Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. You must be a PS Plus Premium subscriber to access the demo through Sony's VR headset. You can play the trial version for one hour with no restrictions. If you decide to purchase the VR game after the trial period, you can transfer your save game to the full version.

Fast Travel Games will soon bring the stealth adventure Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice to PC VR headsets.

After a successful launch on Meta Quest and Playstation VR 2 in November, Fast Travel Games announces that Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice will soon be available for PC VR headsets via SteamVR. As part of the announcement, the publisher is also releasing a new trailer and making free trials available.

Try the vampire adventure for free

The PC VR version of Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice is scheduled for release in early 2024. Fast Travel Games will announce details and a specific date in the near future. Check out the new accolades trailer for a fresh look at some of the game's most acclaimed features and mechanics.

If you haven't played the stealth adventure yet, you can now do so in a time-limited trial version for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 or Quest Pro and Playstation VR 2. You can experience the game's opening sequence and get a good feel for the game's vampire and stealth mechanics.


Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice was released in November for Meta Quest and PSVR 2 and is set in the World of Darkness universe. As a vampire, you are drawn to the historic city of Venice, where you embark on a quest for revenge.

The game offers a mix of stealth, strategic resource management and combat. You must manage your blood supply to gain powerful abilities, ranging from stealthy assassinations to brutal confrontations. The Meta Quest version of the game has recently received a patch that fixes some bugs, performance issues, and climbing inaccuracies.

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