VR classic "Budget Cuts" makes a comeback on Quest 2 & PS VR 2

VR classic

Budget Cuts was an early PC VR hit. An upgraded version for current VR platforms and a sequel are on the way.


In 2016, Budget Cuts impressed players with its innovative locomotion design, which made teleportation a central gameplay element.

Players take on the role of an office worker about to be replaced by robots. Prevent the machines from taking over using a futuristic teleportation device, good timing, and a lot of skill with scissors and other throwing weapons.

In the summer of 2018, two years after its compelling free demo, the finished VR game became available on PC VR headsets. The sequel, Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, developed in partnership with Fast Travel Games, followed at the end of 2019. Finally, in 2020, the original game was re-released for Playstation VR.

More than 300,000 VR players have played Budget Cuts so far. That's an impressive success for the Stockholm studio Neat Corporation, especially since the two VR games were never available for the largest VR gaming platform, Meta Quest.



Budget Cuts Ultimate coming June 1

The VR game, which will launch on June 1 for Meta Quest 2 and Playstation VR 2, is called Budget Cuts Ultimate. It includes both games, offering over 10 hours of entertainment. The studio promises a version of the game that has been "upgraded and polished for a new generation of VR players".

Features include mutators that customize the gameplay experience (bullet time mode, gravity settings). Budget Cuts Ultimate also features a multi-player arcade mode, including a local high score system, repeatable levels, and three difficulty settings.

Players newer to VR may be familiar with Neat Corporation's Garden of the Sea. The game came out in 2022 for PC VR headsets and Meta Quest 2, and more recently launched for Playstation VR 2.

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