Bloody action in Minecraft style: I tried Paint the Town Red VR on Quest 3

Bloody action in Minecraft style: I tried Paint the Town Red VR on Quest 3

Paint the Town Red VR transfers the chaotic thrashing fun of the original into a solid VR conversion with minor flaws.


Paint the Town Red, the popular voxel brawler, has made the leap to Virtual Reality, and I had the chance to dive into the chaotic carnage on Meta Quest 3.

With fast-paced gameplay and a massive selection of weapons, the VR version promises to be an exciting experience. Read on to find out if it lives up to the hype.

The gameplay of Paint the Town Red VR

The VR version of Paint the Town Red stays true to its roots. It gives you the opportunity to wreak havoc in various themed levels. The levels range from neon-lit nightclubs to dingy biker bars.

The game's sandbox combat is satisfying. With an impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, you can punch, kick, and slash your way through countless voxel-based enemies.

Paint the Town Red Disco

Here you are in a fast-paced shootout in the disco. | Bild: South East Games

One of the special features of the VR edition is the introduction of dual wielding, which adds a whole new depth to combat. With a barstool in one hand and a bottle in the other, I fought my way through the aforementioned biker bar. Meanwhile, I dodged attacks and enjoyed the dynamic carnage — with one major drawback. Unfortunately, picking up and using weapons doesn't work as well as I'm used to in other VR games.

Familiar game modes in VR

Paint the Town Red VR offers various activities in three different game modes. Arena Mode pits you against increasingly challenging waves of opponents, testing your fighting skills and stamina. In Scenario mode, you explore various themed levels and take out drunken bar patrons and other hostile NPCs.


The real star of the game, however, is the roguelike Beneath mode. Here you descend into ruined dungeons and battle zombies, floating skulls, and other nightmarish creatures. With five classes to choose from, elder bosses, puzzles, and magical abilities, Beneath mode offers the best experience in Paint the Town Red VR, and I enjoyed it the most because of its clear objective.

Controls versus gameplay

Paint the Town Red VR impresses with a well-designed environment for the chosen visual style. The game's voxel-based art style translates well to VR, creating a fun and visually appealing world that encouraged me to destroy everything.

Paint the Town Red Bar

The controls cause the most problems in these chaotic battles. | Bild: South East Games

However, as mentioned above, the controls are a bit disappointing. Weapons and objects are not always easy to pick up, regardless of which of the possible settings I select. The movement and button mapping of the controllers were also often my downfall in the fast-paced combat.

My preliminary verdict after a few hours in the game

Paint the Town Red VR is a bloody delight. It successfully translates the chaotic fun of the original game into an immersive VR experience. With multiple game modes and an impressive arsenal of weapons, fans of the series and VR enthusiasts looking for a fast-paced adventure will find it worth their while. Whether fighting in the arena, wreaking havoc in Scenario Mode or exploring the depths of Beneath Mode, Paint the Town Red VR promises hours of gory entertainment. Only the imprecise controls are a little disappointing and should be improved.