Virtual Desktop: New update fixes latency issues

Virtual Desktop: New update fixes latency issues

A new beta update for Virtual Desktop fixes latency issues with AMD processors and brings many other improvements.


The next update for the popular VR streaming app Virtual Desktop is available for download as a test version. Developer Guy Godin posted the release notes for the 1.29.3 beta on his Discord server yesterday.

AV1 latency on AMD processors fixed

Version 1.29.3 primarily fixes an issue with the Virtual Desktop update for Meta Quest 3, which introduced support for AV1 codecs, among other things. However, this caused latency issues on AMD 7000 series GPUs in some cases.

Release notes overview according to Virtual Desktop-Discord

  • Improved AV1 performance with AMD
  • Improved SSW quality on Quest
  • Added custom OpenXR runtime called VDXR on the PC side providing up to 10% improved performance
  • Added OpenXR runtime selection box in the Streamer window (Automatic, SteamVR or VDXR)
  • Added Exit Game button in the Virtual Desktop menu for non-SteamVR games
  • Removed regular AV1 codec option (only AV1 10-bit now available)
  • Fixed compatibility with many games on the Rift store: Pistol Whip, Onward, Population: One, Zenith, etc.
  • Fixed issues with audio device restoration and monitor resolution change when shutting down/restarting computer in VR
  • Fixed incorrect 5 GHz / 7 GHz appearing in computers tab / performance overlay when using 6 GHz band
  • Fixed Head Lock feature to work when moving around your play space
  • Fixed field of view edges on Quest 3

Virtual Desktop: How to install the beta update

It should not be long before the update is fully released. If you want to test the beta version now, follow these steps:


  • For Meta Quest headsets: Open the store page of the VR app, scroll down and change the version and release notes to BETA: When using the app, you should then be able to install the beta version of the update.
  • Then install the beta version (installation link) of Virtual Desktop Streamer on your PC.

If you are using Pico Neo 3, Pico 4 or HTC Vive headsets, you can install the beta update via Github download.

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