Thrasher is a follow-up to Thumper and it looks mesmerizing

Thrasher is a follow-up to Thumper and it looks mesmerizing

The VR game Thumper is getting a spiritual successor in 2024 with equally stunning visuals and music.

In Thumper, you control a beetle racing down a track, performing daring maneuvers by pressing sequences of buttons to the rhythm of electronic music.

The minimalist game design combined with the audiovisual elements creates an exhilarating VR experience reminiscent of the final sequence of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Thumper was released for Playstation VR, PS4, and PC in 2016, and later come out for other VR headsets, consoles, and smartphones. The most recent version of the game for Playstation VR 2 and PS5 was released this year.

Thrasher follows Thumper

Thumper was created by Marc Flury and Brian Gibson. Seven years after the initial release of the VR game, Gibson announced a spiritual successor: Thrasher. For the new title, the artist and composer teamed up with a new partner, programmer and designer Mike Mandel.


The duo describes Thrasher as a "mind-melting cosmic racer and essential audiovisual experience". You control a space eel with hand gestures as you swoop, dash, and slam across the void, smashing through obstacles and stacking up combos. Set at the beginning of time, the VR game lets you evolve the eel from a worm to a megabeast.

"Immerse yourself in a dazzling adventure across space, where music, visuals and gameplay mesh into one transcendent experience," reads the game's description.

Thrasher will be released in 2024 for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. A 2D version for consoles will follow at a later date. You can already add the VR title to your wishlist on Steam.