This exoskeleton makes VR a full-body experience

This exoskeleton makes VR a full-body experience

The Exit Suit is intended to enable more natural movements in virtual space, and thus a particularly immersive VR experience.

The Exit Suit is a new type of exoskeleton designed to enable more immersive virtual reality experiences. The system consists of several parts, including a vest and arm and leg cuffs, connected by sensors and actuators.

The sensors and actuators capture motion data and transmit it to the VR headset, allowing the suit to move more naturally in virtual space.

In addition, the exoskeleton is able to adapt to the player's movements, making walking, flying and swimming in the virtual world feel very realistic.

Another advantage of the Exit Suit is its force feedback system, which responds to events in virtual reality through haptic feedback. When players touch an object or take damage in the virtual world, the suit responds by vibrating or applying pressure to the appropriate areas of the body.


Modular and affordable?

The modularity of the Exit Suit allows for flexible customization. Force feedback elements, basic motor drives, and other components can be added or removed as needed.

As the manufacturer points out, the exoskeleton is comparatively inexpensive to produce and particularly easy to assemble. However, the Exit Suit is still in development and not yet available for purchase, nor is a possible price yet known.

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