The Park VR Tournament offers team building in Virtual Reality

The Park VR Tournament offers team building in Virtual Reality

NanoClash Focus lets you compete with friends and colleagues for the title of best team in The Park VR Tournament.


The Park Playground, a provider of virtual reality experiences, has launched a new VR tournament called The Park VR Tournament. It is a competitive group experience for team building events and large groups with catering packages.

Up to 48 players are divided into teams of four to eight, and each team competes in two rounds of the VR game NanoClash Focus. The tournament lasts approximately four hours, with the best teams advancing to the finals. The Park VR Tournament is designed for people of all ages and levels of VR experience.

In NanoClash Focus, participants wear HTC VR headsets and shoot at each other from floating platforms. The goal is to knock your opponent's platform off the ground and bring your own platform closer to the ground.

The tournament is now available to book at all The Park Playground locations in the UK.



Similar VR experiences

In addition to The Park, there are many other similar VR experiences for larger groups. Companies such as Sandbox VR and The Void have pioneered these location-based VR offerings.

Sandbox VR is one of the largest VR arcade chains. The concept offers full-body tracking, haptic feedback, and collaborative multiplayer games for groups.

VR arcade The Void, founded in 2016, also offers group experiences based on well-known brands such as Star Wars and Ghostbusters. However, after financial difficulties and disputes with Disney, the locations were forced to close. A comeback under the name “Hyper Reality Partners” has been announced for this year.

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