Squingle for Quest 2 delivers a great new mixed reality experience

Squingle for Quest 2 delivers a great new mixed reality experience

The hidden VR gem Squingle now has a passthrough mode. This makes it one of the most beautiful mixed reality games.

Squingle is a spacey skill and puzzle game with trippy graphics that knows how to harness the power of virtual reality.

A billowing cosmic vault appears before you. With your hand, you grab a glowing sphere and guide it through the labyrinthine twists and turns. If you touch the edges, you'll have to start all over again.

This game mechanic, simple in itself, is constantly varied and expanded throughout the 100 handcrafted levels. Just one example: After the first few levels, you'll have to control two rotating balls and use their movement patterns to get them safely to their destination.

The psychedelic graphics and driving soundscape make the VR game a unique audiovisual experience.

Squingle is even better in mixed reality

Since the structures and tunnels are three-dimensional, it's beneficial to move around the room and view the structures from all sides. Squingle shines when you have a lot of space to play in and experience room-scale virtual reality.

A passthrough update for Meta Quest 1 and 2 was recently released, which prompted me to try out the game in mixed reality mode. My conclusion: Wow!

Watching the organisms float in your home is a magical experience. The fact that the structures blend into the physical space makes them seem even more realistic and tangible.


The game slightly alienates the digital image of the environment so that analog and digital harmonize: The environment is drawn softer, has a light hue, and is interspersed with floating dust particles. I can only dream of what Squinqle will look like with Meta Quest Pro's high-quality passthrough mode (info).

Increased playing comfort thanks to passthrough AR

The Passthrough view also helps with orientation and thus increases game comfort. I no longer have to worry about running into a wall, as I always have the surroundings in view. The same goes for Blaston, which also offers a great mixed reality experience.

I recommend that new Squingle players activate the 120-hertz mode (Meta Quest 2 only) for even smoother gameplay, as well as the Roomscale mode. The latter is for those who have two by two meters of space or more. The experience benefits greatly from spatial movement and headphones.

Squingle is available for Meta Quest 1 and 2 in the App Lab for about $9. The PC VR version, which you can get on Steam, doesn't offer a passthrough mode, but is still worth the money for around $12.50.