Spatial promises simple VR toolkit that can make money

Spatial promises simple VR toolkit that can make money

Creative minds can now create fun VR experiences with simple tools and Unity connectivity in the Spatial production app.

The Spatial telepresence app for meetings and productive collaboration expanded its gamified capabilities with the "Spatial Creator Toolkit." Currently in beta, the new feature allows user creation of short games, "gamified" experiences, and interactive exhibitions for Meta Quest, iOS, Android, or the browser.

The Unity engine runs in the background, but the interaction remains simple. First impressions are similar to social gaming kits like Horizon Worlds or Roblox. New gaming tools include customizable avatars (Spatial supports "Ready Player Me" characters) and linking multiple environments or worlds. Tools such as token-gating (unlockable access with NFTs) or hyperlinks are available for monetization.

Professional competition for Horizon Worlds?

Visual scripting makes level building easier than working with lines of code. Created quests offer the possibility to include various rewards. Whether this all runs as smoothly as in the organically grown Rec Room remains a mystery. Spatial at least promises that anyone can develop in Unity on the platform with a few clicks. Get started directly in the browser without any installation or load times.

"Just as Adobe stands for 2D videos, Unity is the software that opens up 3D games and the new medium of the Internet. Spatial is kind of like the YouTube for these games, enabling immediate release to the mass market," said Anand Agarawala, CEO and co-founder of Spatial.

Despite its touted beginner-friendliness, the studio recommends the official "Unity Essentials" tutorials for best results. In the closed alpha phase, McDonald's, Hublot, and Vogue, among others, tried their hand at "gamified experiences." The studio sees gamers and Generation Z creatives who value high-quality graphics and easily customizable avatar fashions as the target audience.


A first example is "Metaverse Fashion Week," which will take place in Decentraland from Tuesday, March 28, to Friday, March 31. This is a decentralized 3D social world where virtual NFT real estate is purchased with the cryptocurrency "Mana."

Making money with VR game building

Towards the end of 2023, Spatial plans its own marketplace where creators can earn money with their experiences. The first examples of this are currently on display at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which is taking place until March 24.

Editor's Note: We recommend that you use extreme caution when dealing with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and that you carefully consider whether a virtual purchase makes sense and is safe.

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