Some well-known VR games get major updates at the same time

Some well-known VR games get major updates at the same time

Yesterday there were many big updates for successful VR games in one fell swoop. I have compiled them for you.

Demeo - Curse of the Serpent Lord

Curse of the Serpent Lord is the fourth adventure for the co-op hit Demeo, and the third that Resolution Games is adding for free a year after launch. Exemplary!

This time it's off to the Ronth desert and the village of Izteria, where a mysterious corruption is spreading and turning citizens into raging beasts. Curse of the Serpent Lord is the second adventure set outdoors, after Roots of Evil.

The campaign brings new environments, enemies and game mechanics, the master witch Oana as a new player class and a revamped mage with stronger offensive abilities. With Oana you'll be able to command and level an animal companion, open portals for your party and cast powerful protection spells.

More content is planned for 2022: Fans can look forward to a PVP mode as well as a fifth adventure that will take your party to a city for the first time. In addition, it will soon be possible for two players to control two characters.

You can learn more about the game and its new content in our Demeo test. The game is available for Meta Quest 1 & 2, PC-VR and even in a 2D version for PC.

Zenith: The Last City - Celestial Throne

Zenith has what it takes to become the first major virtual reality MMORPG.

After a strong launch earlier this year and much critical acclaim, the studio received a $35 million investment. The development is secured for years and what we have seen so far is probably just the beginning.

With Celestial Throne, the studio delivers the first major content update for the MMO. In the outskirts of the city of Zenith, a huge castle rises from the sky, which can be reached via a spiral obstacle course. At the top, six new instanced dungeons and raids await players. A new matchmaking system ensures that you can always find fellow players.


The update also brings eight new armor sets including headgear and 20 new quests. The full and very long release notes for the update can be found on Steam. Zenith: The Last City is available for Meta Quest 1 & 2, PC VR, and Playstation VR.

Pistol Whip - Contracts

The VR classic Pistol Whip is also getting fresh content. The latest update brings daily, weekly and monthly contracts with different difficulty levels and custom challenges to keep you on your toes. A new career screen lets you track your progress and compare it to that of other players.

The update also unlocks three new modifiers that speed up or slow down enemy bullets or strengthen your armor so you can take more hits. Handy for beginners!

Pistol Whip is available for Meta Quest 1 & 2, PC VR, and Playstation VR. The VR game has received plenty of new content since its release in late 2019, as illustrated by the video below.

Puzzling Places - Passthrough Update

The popular German 3D puzzle game Puzzling Places, in which you piece together real places and landmarks piece by piece, gets an experimental passthrough mode in the latest update.

This would allow you to puzzle in your physical surroundings as you please, while always keeping an eye on the environment and your coffee cup. As a bonus feature, you'll be able to adjust the hue and contrast of your environment.

The following video demonstrates the Passthrough mode, which is only available on Meta Quest 1 & 2.