Shiftall announces VR headset: 2.5K per eye & 200 grams

Shiftall announces VR headset: 2.5K per eye & 200 grams

Panasonic subsidiary Shiftall announced a new SteamVR headset at CES 2024: the Meganex Superlight, which is scheduled for release in 2024.


According to Shiftall, the PC VR headset has the following specifications:

  • 1.3-inch OLED microdisplays
    • Resolution: 2,560 x 2,560 pixel resolution per eye
    • Color gamut: 10-bit HDR
    • Frame rate: 120 Hz
  • Weight: Approximately 200 grams without face pad and headband
  • Tracking: 6DoF with SteamVR Tracking
  • No inside-out tracking cameras, speakers and temples
  • Pancake lenses are made of plastic instead of glass
  • Connectivity: Displayport and USB 2.0

The device is expected to be released in 2024, the price is not known.

Also announced was the Haritora X Wireless R, a new, improved version of the company's proprietary 6-point full-body tracking system. It comes with an optional external camera that can be connected to a PC and automatically corrects for drift. The battery should last 20 hours. The product is scheduled for 2024.

The third product announced is the Mutalk 2, a wireless soundproof microphone that prevents voice leakage and ambient noise.




Shiftall has presented a new headset product at CES every year since 2020. So far, none of the devices have found their way to the West. The last version of the Meganex was only released in Japan, and even then only via a lottery system. Price: 1,700 US dollars.

Image of the Meganex and Meganex Business Edition floating in front of a white background.

The older Meganex models. | Picture: Shiftall

Whether the latest version will be released outside of Japan remains to be seen. The press image looks more like a Photoshop creation than a real product.

A comparable device that can be ordered is the Bigscreen Beyond PC VR headset, which is also very light and compact. Like the Meganex Superlight, it relies on SteamVR tracking.

Sources: Shiftall