Quest 2: This haptic glove lets you feel VR

Quest 2: This haptic glove lets you feel VR

South Korean haptics company Bhaptics is launching the "TactGlove," a haptics glove for Quest 2 and other camera-based hand-tracking systems.

Quest 2's visual hand tracking already works amazingly accurately thanks to AI software. With Project Cambria next year, hand tracking could take another leap in quality and become the new standard interface for VR and AR.

Hand tracking has only one major drawback compared to controller use: the haptic feedback of the buttons and vibration motors is missing. You're just waving around in the air.

TactGlove: Affordable finger haptics for hand tracking systems

Now announced by Bhaptics, the TactGlove haptic glove aims to fill that gap. The manufacturer promises compatibility with popular camera-based hand tracking systems in tech glasses like Quest 2 and Hololens 2, or with Ultraleap's hand tracking modules.

At each fingertip, the glove has a small vibration motor (linear resonance actuator) integrated, which is supposed to provide a sensation matching a virtual touch. The ten motors can be controlled individually at different strengths. Developers have access to Bhaptics software with which they can integrate glove support into their apps.

Since the glove is explicitly designed for use with existing hand tracking systems, Bhaptics can do without its own tracking technology in the glove. This makes the glove quite slim compared to currently available industrial haptic gloves, and affordable at a price of $300. The battery sits on the wrist.


Haptics glove for Quest 2: launching in the second quarter of 2022

Bhaptics will offer developer kits of the TactGlove from the second quarter of 2022 via its website. "Unplugged: Air Guitar" and "Hand Physics Lab" have already been confirmed as the first compatible VR games. They can be tested at the CES 2022 if it opens its doors.

The actual release of the glove is then planned for the fourth quarter of 2022. For manufacturing, Bhaptics is working with SEES Global, an established manufacturer of safety and sports gloves. The gloves come in three different sizes and with washable and replaceable liners for hygiene.

Der Bhaptics-Handschuh wurde eigens für den Einsatz in Kombination mit Handtracking-Systemen entworfen. | Bild: Bhaptics

The Bhaptics glove has been specifically designed for use in combination with hand tracking systems. | Image: Bhaptics

Founded in 2015, Bhaptics has, as the name suggests, experience with haptic simulation in virtual reality. The gloves, however, are new to the portfolio. So far, the company has primarily produced vests for haptic feedback, up to a illustrious full-body suit.

More than 100 VR apps support the Bhaptics vests, according to the manufacturer. That at least gives us hope that the gloves will also be compatible with many VR apps in the future. Of course, the Haptics hardware also supports traditional 2D games.