Madison VR was a hit with PSVR 2 players, despite being one of the scariest VR games

Madison VR was a hit with PSVR 2 players, despite being one of the scariest VR games

Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy's Edge and the horror game Madison VR were the top-selling titles for Playstation VR 2 in May.


The Playstation Store top downloads are released once a month and give an idea of the sales success of the listed VR games compared to others. Most PSVR 2 titles are only available as digital downloads.

Below are the top downloads for May 2024, broken down by North America and EU regions:

Table with rankings of the PSVR 2 top downloads in the USA/Canada and Europe.

May 2024's top downloads in North America and Europe. | Screenshot by MIXED


Sci-fi and horror dominate May

Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy's Edge dominated the top downloads for the second month in a row, likely due to the Star Wars day and associated discounts.

April 2024 saw the release of Madison VR, Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street, Stride: Fates, Sushi Ben, The Exorcist: Legion VR, Crazy Kung Fu and Sugar Mess for Playstation VR 2. Of these new releases, only Madison VR and Stride: Fates made it into the top ten. Some of the other titles are much older.



Madison VR is often advertised as the scariest video game of all time, a claim I put to the test. Despite flaws in object interaction and puzzle design, the VR port is an absolute guarantee for goosebumps and scares.

In June, Playstation VR 2 will release the big VR adventure game Retropolis 2 and the acrobatic game Sky Climb. More titles are expected to be added throughout the month.

Starting August 7, you'll be able to connect the VR headset to a PC via an adapter, giving you access to thousands of PC VR games on Steam, but unfortunately without marquee PSVR 2 features like HDR, advanced haptics, eye tracking, and 3D audio.