Playstation VR 2: Sony reportedly making deep cuts to VR game development

Playstation VR 2: Sony reportedly making deep cuts to VR game development

According to new rumors, Sony is cutting back on VR game development. However, two first-party PSVR 2 titles are still said to be in the works.


The rumors come from Nicolas Sutrich of Android Central:

"Sources close to Android Central have revealed that Sony is making deep cuts to funding for VR games. While I'll paraphrase for anonymity, my source was told that there will be very few opportunities for VR game development at Sony going forward," Sutrich writes.

"To back that up, another source informed me that only two PSVR 2 games are in development at Sony."


The fact that Sony is working on two first-party games would actually be good news, and I wonder why Sutrich uses the word "only" in this context. So far, only one first-party title has been released for Playstation VR 2, and that was Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The report suggests that Sony has pretty much given up on the VR headset and will no longer invest in VR games. I wonder whether VR projects from third-party studios are also affected by these measures. Sony usually offers financial incentives for the development of exclusive VR games for Playstation VR 2, and occasionally for porting titles from other platforms. If these incentives are removed, fewer VR titles may be released for the system in the future.



A troubled Playstation VR 2

The negative headlines surrounding Playstation VR 2 have been piling up since the end of 2023:

With this in mind, recent rumors of deep cuts to VR game development are not surprising.

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