PSVR 2 has a small user base according to RE4 VR player stats

PSVR 2 has a small user base according to RE4 VR player stats

According to Capcom's online statistics, 100,000 people have played Resident Evil 4's VR mode so far. What does this say about Playstation VR 2?


Capcom is keeping online statistics for Resident Evil 4, including the number of players who have tried or played through the free VR mode with PSVR 2. Participation in the data survey is voluntary.

There are currently 99,945 PSVR 2 players, which is 1.57 percent of all RE4 players according to the stats. The 100,000 player mark is expected to be reached today.

Resident Evil 4 was released on March 24, 2023 and is available for a variety of platforms. The free VR mode for the PS5 version of the game followed on December 8, 2023 and was one of the biggest highlights of the past year for PSVR 2.

More than 7 million copies of Resident Evil 4 were sold in one year, Capcom recently announced. Since 1.57 percent of the total buyer base actually equates to about 100,000 players, the statistic should be fairly accurate.


100,000 VR players in three and a half months is not a lot for a flagship title like RE4 and suggests a relatively low retention rate for PSVR 2, especially since Sony sold nearly 600,000 units in the first six weeks after launch. Sony has not provided updated sales figures since then.

According to research firm IDC, the company has shipped more than 1.7 million units to retailers through the end of 2023, which is not the same as sales. According to a Bloomberg report, production has been paused due to slow sales.


Resident Evil 7, released in early 2017 with a VR mode for the first Playstation VR, performed much better at the time, reaching 100,000 VR players in less than two weeks. However, the hype was much greater at the time, as VR was a novelty and Resident Evil 7 was released simultaneously for flatscreens and VR. According to Capcom's online statistics for the game, after seven years, the game has amassed 1.2 million PSVR players, accounting for 8.5 percent of the total player base.

For the VR mode of Resident Evil Village, Capcom only mentions the number of VR playthroughs, not VR player numbers.

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