Playstation VR 2: Horror hit Phasmophobia delayed indefinitely

Playstation VR 2: Horror hit Phasmophobia delayed indefinitely

The aftermath of a fire at Kinetic Games' offices will delay the release of horror hit Phasmophobia on PSVR 2.


Kinetic Games has been forced to postpone the release of Phasmophobia for PS5 and Playstation VR 2 indefinitely. After a fire in the office, the team is unable to work together as usual. In addition, there have been "unforeseen challenges" in porting the game to PSVR 2.

Second delay of console release

The horror hit Phasmophobia, in which you hunt ghosts alone or in groups, was released for PC three years ago. The conversion for consoles and PSVR 2 was supposed to follow in August of this year.

But a fire in the studio's office building threw a spanner in the works. The team was forced to work from home and find new office space. Kinetic moved the console release to October. But even this date could not be met.

Kinetic Games struggles with the aftermath of an office fire

In a developer post on Steam, Kinetic Games apologizes. The team is still getting used to the new remote working environment and setting up the new office.



"While we had hoped to present you with a special launch alongside the Halloween event, the complexity of our current challenges means we need more time. We will keep you updated on our progress and provide a revised release date as soon as we have more information to share", the developers wrote.

Technical issues with the PSVR 2 port

The map "Maple Lodge Campsite" also experienced technical problems during the port to the Playstation VR 2 version. Therefore, the team decided to completely rework the map.

The map will have a new layout, a new reception building, more hiding places, new decorations, and better performance in all areas. Those who want to experience Phasmophobia in VR can currently only do so via PC VR in Steam Early Access.

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