Sony won't say yet if Playstation Earbuds will work with PSVR2

Sony won't say yet if Playstation Earbuds will work with PSVR2

Sony has announced wireless earbuds for the PS5 and PC, but compatibility with the Playstation VR 2 has not yet been confirmed.


The new accessory was teased towards the end of the show, along with the Project Q handheld.

The Playstation Earbuds support lossless audio and low-latency thanks to a "new wireless technology" developed by SIE, and are stored and charged in a charging case. According to Sony, the accessories are designed for the PS5 and PC, but can also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Sony will reveal more details in the coming months. The accessory is expected to be released later this year.

The earbuds would be a great addition to the Playstation VR 2

Now the question is whether the Playstation Earbuds will also work with Playstation VR 2. Is the VR system included in the announced PS5 support or excluded from it? We simply don't know (yet).



For users of the Playstation VR 2, these earbuds would be a definite win. The included stereo headphones are wired and deliver only passable sound quality. Sony's wireless Pulse 3D headset is a good alternative, but adds more bulk to the user experience. Earbuds could be an advantage in terms of usability and comfort. The teaser also shows that Sony has thought about a hardware volume control. PSVR 2 sorely lacks such a feature.

A Sony representative did not want to reveal more information when asked.

It is not known exactly how the earbuds work. The Pulse 3D headset uses a wireless adapter that plugs into the PS5 and ensures low latency in games. If the Earbuds could be connected to this dongle, there should be nothing standing in the way of PSVR 2 compatibility.

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