Pimax gives updates on its Crystal Super VR headset: more compact design and improved optics

Pimax gives updates on its Crystal Super VR headset: more compact design and improved optics

VR manufacturer Pimax presents progress in the development of its high-end Crystal Super headset. The housing has been made more compact and the optics have been optimized.


Pimax has provided an update on the development of its upcoming Crystal Super VR headset. The company reports that the housing volume will be reduced by nearly 30 percent. According to Pimax, the final aspherical glass lenses have been completed and are 30 percent larger than the Pimax Crystal and Crystal Light. They are said to provide a significantly wider field of view.

The QLED version of the displays can achieve a native resolution of 3840 × 3840 pixels per eye. In the YouTube video below, Pimax also shows the first through-the-lens shots.

The micro-OLED version is still in development and the interchangeable optical system, which can be used to switch between QLED and Micro OLED panels, is also not ready yet. Pimax says we can expect to see a working sample of the QLED version by the end of this month or next month.

The company also said the QLED version of the Crystal Super will be launched first because it's got the most pre-orders.



A VR headset for enthusiasts

Pimax announced the Crystal Super in April as a PC VR headset for enthusiasts. It offers 29.5 million pixels, inside-out tracking, eye tracking, and dynamic foveated rendering. The Crystal Super also has the first interchangeable optical system. This allows users to switch between QLED and micro OLED panels.

The QLED engine uses interchangeable aspherical glass lenses, while the Micro OLED engine uses pancake lenses. Pimax states the starting price of the Crystal Super at $1,799. The company is known for its ambitious VR headsets and is continuing its innovation strategy with the Crystal Super and the new 60G Airlink module for wireless PC VR.

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