Go wild as a hair and tattoo artist in wacky, new Meta Quest game

Go wild as a hair and tattoo artist in wacky, new Meta Quest game

In Shave & Stuff you buzz and poke at virtual people for wacky fun. From the mullet to the daring tattoo, a variety of fashion sins are possible.


Why always work on inanimate sculptures when people scream so much more beautifully? This thought may have been behind the development of Shave & Stuff.

The VR game by HyperVR Games for Meta Quest humorously turns players into hair stylists or tattoo artists. The realism of the game lies somewhere between the over-the-top, gory tomfoolery of Surgeon Simulator VR and a real simulation.

Meta Quest as a VR hair salon

From a clean-shaven bald head to a colorful mohawk, numerous haircuts are possible in the VR barber store. Depending on the handling of different blades, they can be achieved with varying degrees of professionalism and even individuality.

In addition to scissors, combs, razors, make-up, and hair clippers, tattoo equipment is also used. In the world of Shave & Stuff, hair growth machines have already been invented to make curls sprout out of your skull.



While in the first two chapters, you have to stick to guidelines such as a glam, hipster, or pirate look, the new creative mode starts in chapter 3. This mode has only been available in the Meta Quest Store since the official launch on April 20.

Here you can even paint artificial eyebrows, an official mustache, or other nastiness on the face of your virtual victims - almost like at a real party. In truth, the patrons never seem to get angry, appreciating your creative vision, no matter how twisted it might be.

To top it off, you can give them earrings, spray paint them, or put a silly headset on them. Deadly chic! Previously, the VR game was available on the App Lab, as evidenced by an Early Access video from VR comedian Obscure Nerd VR. All Quest headsets from Meta are still supported, i.e. Quest 1, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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