It doesn't look like Discord integration for Quest is on the horizon

It doesn't look like Discord integration for Quest is on the horizon

Meta's CTO suggests turning to Discord if you want to see a native integration of the platform into Quest.


In his latest AMA on Instagram, Andrew Bosworth was asked about a possible Discord integration. Here is his full answer, slightly edited for clarity.

"That's something we'd be thrilled about too. You know, it's one of those things, where if you have friends and family, reach out to the Discord team, encourage them to consider it. I think it’s an exciting product and platform that they’ve built. And I'm sure everyone out there is excited to do integrations with them.

If their product leadership is getting reach outs from customers saying, „Hey, this is the thing that I want,“ hopefully that tips the scales in terms of what they want to do.

For the meantime, the platform is open, the invitation is open. We'd love to have them in. I think it's a great product and I think it would be a great fit for our two communities to come together."



Discord on Quest: There is hope (and a solution)

Developing and maintaining a Quest-native Discord app takes resources, and is unlikely to be considered internally until Quest users reach a critical mass for the Discord leadership.

In the past, code was found in the Quest firmware indicating that Meta was working on an integration. However, these efforts may have come to nothing.

Perhaps Meta's recently announced "Spatial Framework" will make it easier for Discord to integrate with Meta Quest as a 2D Android app in the future. The headset's operating system, Meta Horizon OS, is based on Android, and some Discord users are sideloading the Android version onto Meta Quest to stay in touch with their friends in VR.

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