Meta Quest 3: You can now play the original Tomb Raider in Mixed Reality

Meta Quest 3: You can now play the original Tomb Raider in Mixed Reality

Team Beef transforms the classic Tomb Raider into a mixed reality adventure with a VR mod for Meta Quest 3.


The 1996 action classic Tomb Raider can now be played in a mixed reality version on Meta Quest 3 thanks to a VR mod by Team Beef. In addition to the "BeefRaider XR" mod, all you need is a copy of the original game or the recently released remaster.

With the VR mod, Tomb Raider becomes a kind of diorama that unfolds in front of you. By pressing the grip buttons on both controllers simultaneously, you can rotate, move or scale the game world.

This means you can either get right up close to the action or place the game world on your living room table like a board game and go on an adventure with a miniature Lara. The following clip shows what Tomb Raider looks like in the Mixed Reality environment from around minute 0:30.


Tomb Raider in VR — from the community for the community

The mixed reality feature is part of Team Beef's massive VR mod BeefRaider XR, which will be released for mobile VR headsets from Meta and Pico and PC VR. Team Beef announced the Tomb Raider mod on Patreon and X in February. Once completed, the VR port will be available for free, like all of the developer trio's projects.

Patreon backers already have access to a beta version. The version now available with mixed reality mode is BeefRaiderXR 0.4.8 (link in source reference below).



The development team specializes in VR ports of classic games and has brought Doom 1-3, Quake 1-3, Half-Life, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Star Wars Jedi Knight II to mobile VR headsets. The free mods are extremely popular and have been downloaded millions of times.

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