Meta Quest 2: Wallace & Gromit go (and fly) on a VR adventure

Meta Quest 2: Wallace & Gromit go (and fly) on a VR adventure

Wallace & Gromit from the animated films are coming to virtual reality. The British film company Aardman Animations is working with the renowned VR studio Atlas V (Battlescar).

Elon Musk has not yet been able to realize his plans for rocket shuttles between cities. In the fantasy world of Wallace & Gromit, however, short trips by rocket are possible. It's just too bad when the aircraft veers off course: That's precisely what happens to the popular duo in their first VR adventure, which will be released exclusively for Meta Quest 2 and probably Cambria next year.

In Wallace & Gromit: The Grand Getaway, the animated film stars embark on a not always voluntary vacation trip through England. Players can wander and explore the comic world in VR. According to Aardman Animations, they have an active role in the story.

Wallace & Gromit comes exclusively for Quest 2

Actually, the protagonists wanted to go on a trip to the beach and test their latest invention, the "Auto-Caddy". Since Wallace got the date wrong, they suddenly have to be at the other end of the country within half an hour. Hence the decision to make the trip by rocket. However, the rocket veers off course early on, sending the two of them into unknown territory.

Aardman Animations creates the VR experience in collaboration with Meta and Paris-based virtual reality studio Atlas V. The latter has made a name for itself with elaborate narrative experiences. These include Gloomy Eyes, Madrid Noir and the highly acclaimed snotty punk story Battlescar. Also involved are series creator Nick Park of Aardman Animations, and studios No Ghost of London and Albyon of Lyon.


For an authentic feel, large parts of Aardman's animated film crew are involved, including Wallace's original English voice Ben Whitehead (successor to Peter Sallis). The story picks up where the AR adventure The Big Fixup left off. In the latter, the two heroes cleaned up their hometown of Bristol from top to bottom.

Meet Wallace & Gromit in person

Atlas V's founders, Antoine Cayrol and Arnaud Colinart, are looking forward to bringing fans literally closer to the characters: As players interact with the same worlds and characters in virtual reality as they do in the movies, they find themselves in the middle of the comic world, which they otherwise only know from the flat screen.

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