Developers rave about Meta Quest 2's upcoming performance upgrade

Developers rave about Meta Quest 2's upcoming performance upgrade

Meta Quest 2 is about to get a big performance upgrade. Some developers have already tested it and are impressed.

With the next firmware update v55, Meta will unlock more performance for Meta Quest 2 and Pro.

The headsets will see an up-to 26% CPU performance increase with an up-to 19% GPU speed increase for Quest 2 and 11% for Quest Pro, according to Meta

A pleasant surprise for VR developers

Some VR developers have already tested the new firmware and are pleased with its benefits. Here's what VR developer Robert Aldridge wrote on Twitter:

IRL Studios (Gym Class Basketball VR) CEO Matthew Harris thinks Meta Quest 2 now feels smoother throughout:

Feedback from Combat Waffle Studios (Ghosts of Tabor) PR director Mikaël Dufresne is along the same lines:

New firmware waiting in the wings

In addition to higher CPU and GPU clock speeds, Meta is introducing a new feature called Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DSR). This automatically increases the render resolution of the VR app depending on how much the GPU is being used. The frame rate is not affected.


In a Twitter thread, Meta engineer Neel Bedekar explains to developers exactly how VR games will benefit from the performance upgrade and DSR. To get an idea, you can also read my article What does Meta Quest 2's performance boost mean for VR games?

Meta typically releases a firmware version every month, so v55 could be rolled out to users as early as this or next week.

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