These two mixed reality concepts won at Meta's hackathon

These two mixed reality concepts won at Meta's hackathon

Mixed reality is supposed to be the next big thing for Meta Quest. Meta encouraged developers to experiment with the technology at a hackathon.


The hackathon took place on 25-27 April at Meta's campuses in California and London. More than 150 participants took part, developing mixed reality concepts for Meta Quest Pro. This is in preparation for the release of Meta Quest 3 later this year, which will also feature RGB passthrough.

The hackathon resulted in 33 projects, including games and apps in categories such as fitness, fashion, art and health, Meta writes on its own developer blog.

Meta has now announced the two winning apps: The Digital Wardrobe and Submersed. Keep in mind that these are early concepts that could be polished for a proper release in the future thanks to the prize money.

The Digital Wardrobe

The first VR app allows users to try on different outfits in front of a virtual mirror which is anchored in the room. The avatar appears in the mirror, and the user's physical appearance is vaguely discernible behind it.

A video shows the mixed reality concept in action. A developer presents three magical garments with different properties, some of which interact with the surrounding walls. The clothes are selected and "put on" with the user's own hands.



The app uses a number of Presence Platform APIs: Scene Understanding, Eye Tracking, Body Tracking and Hand Tracking. The Digital Wardrobe was developed by Isabelle Udo, Roland Smeenk, Marcus Benisty and Vedran Skarica.


Submersed is a mixed reality game that floods your physical space. Masses of water enter from the outside through leaks in the walls. You have to seal the leaks from the inside with virtual duct tape. This is applied to the walls with hand movements. The aim is to keep the water level low enough so that you don't drown, with more and more water coming out of the leaks towards the end.

Many APIs and Presence Platform capabilities are used here as well: including passthrough, spatial anchors, and hand tracking. Submersed was developed by Stephen Rogers, Gabriel Williams, Wyatt Strain and Danny Oswaldo Chavez Miranda.

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