MarineVerse Cup brings real sailing lessons to virtual reality

MarineVerse Cup brings real sailing lessons to virtual reality

The VR app MarineVerse Cup now offers sailing lessons in virtual reality. What awaits you on the virtual sea?

The development team behind the VR game MarineVerse Cup entered into a cooperation with the sailing school NauticEd. Together, the companies offer a virtual reality sailing course. "Self Mastery" is designed to offer an authentic sailing experience and teach important techniques.

Learn to sail in virtual reality

The VR course puts you at the helm of a sailing yacht. Learn to trim sails, control boat speed, and navigate. The virtual boat supposedly reacts immediately to wind conditions and the decisions of the players.

By providing instant feedback, Self Mastery aims to give you a feel for how the boat will behave at sea. More complex modules such as sailing at night and in inclement weather, or mooring and maneuvering in the marina are already in production, according to NauticEd. It is not known when and in what form further updates will appear.

NauticEd chief: VR sailing makes the sport more accessible

NauticEd offers sailing courses both on the water and online. The VR course is available now through the sailing school's website and in the MarineVerse Cup VR app for the Meta Quest 2. According to NauticEd founder Grant Headifen, sail training in VR has great potential.


It makes sailing more accessible and VR reinforces things already learned, he said. "As experienced sailors have known for thousands of years, competence requires theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a lot of experience. VR combines all aspects into a fluid, immersive and fun experience."

VR sailing for the Meta Quest 2

The MarineVerse Cup VR app is available for $19.99 in the Quest Store and appeals to sailing novices and advanced sailors alike. In addition to the NauticEd VR course, there are daily practice challenges, time races, and mini-games.

Those who want to experience VR sailing in multiplayer have to subscribe to the "Sailing Pass" for $10.95 per month. MarineVerse Cup offers Sydney, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town as virtual locations.

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