Magic Leap CEO Talks About Product Roadmap in New Interview

Magic Leap's new CEO Ross Rosenberg spoke with Venturebeat about the company's recent $590 million investment from Saudi Arabia and how the company's AR headset will differentiate itself from products like the Apple Vision Pro. Speaking about Magic Leap's product roadmap, Rosenberg said:


"We have a road map based on expanding the technology we have. Expanding the field of view, expanding the immersiveness, making the device more mobile in some ways, less tethered. All of those things are on our road map. As you extend beyond that time period, you think about ways to further reduce the size and weight of the device. Eventually you get to something that feels more like glasses. We think about all those things as we design our road map."

CTO Daniel Diez said that Magic Leap currently has more than 1,000 employees and that the company is "definitely growing the team as necessary".


Sources: Venturebeat