Hundreds of AAA games in VR: Universal VR mod makes progress

Hundreds of AAA games in VR: Universal VR mod makes progress

A universal VR mod is supposed to bring Unreal Engine titles to VR headsets. A video shows various games in action.

The mod supports full 360-degree vision, freedom of movement in all directions, and synchronized stereoscopic rendering. In first-person shooters, players move their heads independently of the weapon. Thus, the mod goes much further than older solutions like VorpX.

The universality of the mod promises many lesser-known 2D games leaping into the VR headset, if less-optimized than specific VR mods. Fans of indie titles will be grateful to be able to dive into a favorite game or two via headset.

Praydog takes over with a new approach

Gaming likely requires a mouse and keyboard or gamepad. The mod's original programmer Gabriel Pizarro aka TheNewJavaman planned a feature enabling the use of the VR controller (without motion controls). Pizarro jumped ship in May for a full-time job in the VR industry.

Well-known VR modder Praydog, who translated several Resident Evil parts into virtual reality, took over from there. His work apparently takes a different approach, with Praydog porting the mod framework developed for the RE Engine to the Unreal Engine. Pizarro's UnrealVR thus became Praydog's Universal Unreal VR Injector.


Video shows well-known 2D games in VR

On Youtube, a video shows the current state of the Universal mod using several games, including first-person shooters like Ready or Not and adventure games like Stray. Both of those are third-person titles. The mod supports both different perspectives.

The video announcement states that the Universal Mod will open for other VR modders to tweak it for specific titles and add new features like motion controls.

The curious will have to be patient: The announcement does not include a release date. A list of UE4 games that can benefit from the Injector can be found behind the link.

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