Half-Life VR mod with Valve's blessing is now available

Half-Life VR mod with Valve's blessing is now available

Update from October 20, 2022:

Half-Life: VR Mod has been released on Steam and can be installed with one click. The mod requires that you own the original.

The Half-Life PC VR mod has been in development for five years. Now it is released on Steam with Valve's blessing.

A few weeks after the successful launch of Half-Life 2: VR Mod, the first part from 1998 gets the same treatment: Half-Life: VR Mod, developed by Max Vollmer, appears on Steam.

On October 4, Vollmer announced that Valve approved the Steam release. On October 20, the VR Mod goes online.

The release on Steam simplifies the installation of the virtual reality mod, as a single click is all it takes. This lowers the barrier to entry and will contribute to the popularity of the VR mod. Anyone who wants to play Half-Life: VR Mod needs the original.

VR-specific features and updated graphics

The PC VR mod is highly customizable via separate HLVRConfig.exe and supports all VR hardware on the market, Vollmer writes.

Half-Life: VR Mod can be played standing or sitting, with fluid locomotion or teleport mechanics. It supports hand controls so you can swing Gordon's crowbar, push buttons, pull levers, and physically climb ladders. A more complete feature list is available on the official website.

The graphics have been improved and enhanced here and there with the help of other modders. We're talking about 6-DoF weapon models, high-resolution textures, and "awesome VR hands". Half-Life: VR Mod also keeps up with the times and introduces female Black Mesa employees along with a newly dubbed voice.


Those who prefer to play the untouched original can activate the "Classic Mode" and play Half-Life with the 3D models and textures from 1998.

Half-Life PC VR Mod: Still in development

Half-Life: VR Mod still has beta status despite Steam release. Performance is not yet that good, and there are also isolated bugs, Vollmer writes. But the game is playable from start to finish.

Max Vollmer's Half-Life: VR mod (Steam Link) is not to be confused with Lambda1VR, the VR mod that makes Half-Life natively playable on Meta Quest 1 & 2 without a PC.

The mod developer wants to continue working on the PC VR mod, adding new features and fixing bugs. You can keep up to date on their Discord server.