Half-Life 2: Episode Two VR showcases Dynamic Gameplay in new Trailer

Half-Life 2: Episode Two VR showcases Dynamic Gameplay in new Trailer

The free VR mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two is set to release soon, showcasing dynamic gameplay in its official trailer.


The virtual reality mods for Half-Life 2 regularly amaze PC VR gamers with their professional implementation. But behind the releases is just a team of community developers. The new chapter "Half-Life 2: VR Mod - Episode Two" should be similarly successful.

The second additional episode with its legendary cliffhanger will receive its free VR mod on Steam on Thursday, April 6, 2023. The official trailer gives you a taste of the fast-paced chases.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two for SteamVR

Protagonist Gordon Freeman must return to City 17 to face the consequences of his actions, according to the introduction. After Alyx awakens an unconscious Gordon, they witness the creation of a super portal. Alyx's father Eli makes them realize the threat this event poses to humanity.

When the portal reaches its full power, it could lead to another lightning-fast "Seven Hour War". "But this time we won't even last seven minutes," is Eli's grim prognosis, which becomes the starting point for a dynamic shooter campaign.



Once again you'll be using the gravity gun, shooting from vehicles, fighting gunships or giant striders on stilts. Your goal is to escape City 17 with Alyx.

The "SourceVR Mod Team" has already done an outstanding job of adapting Valve's classic shooter to PC VR headsets. The mod for the main game now has more than 3,190 positive ratings. The team of hobby developers regularly delivers improvements, including authentic motion control reloading and workshop support for maps and graphic mods.

The new mod is also available for free, with an optional donation option on Ko-fi. The original Steam version of Half-Life 2: Episode Two is required.

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