Half-Life 2 VR: Episode One now available, Episode Two coming soon

Half-Life 2 VR: Episode One now available, Episode Two coming soon

March 17, 2023:

Half-Life 2 VR: Episode One is now available for free on Steam. You will need the original game in your Steam library, no installation required. The episode is currently 90 percent off as part of the Steam Spring Sale.

A release date for Half-Life 2 VR: Episode Two has also been announced: The virtual reality mod for the second episode will be released on Thursday, April 6, and can already be added to the wishlist.

February 7, 2023:

Half-Life 2 VR: Episode One will be released on March 17, 2023, including support for haptic vests from Bhaptics.

A VR mod made Half-Life 2 even more immersive. The same should be true for the Episode One add-on, as the first scenes show.

In September 2022, the Half-Life 2 Mod Team released a VR modification of Valve's extraordinary 2004 game. Even fans of the original were surprised by the intensity of the classic shooter in virtual reality.

On Steam, the free VR mod in its beta stage received almost 1,500 positive reviews after a few days. Our colleague Max also called Half-Life 2 the better game in VR. Behind the title is the independent "Source VR Mod Team", which has also promised support for further episodes as soon as possible.

Experience Half-Life 2: Episode One in VR

A VR version of Episode One will be released soon. A new trailer lists the first quarter of 2023 as the release date and shows the first action-packed scenes.

In the story expansion, you return to City 17 as Gordon Freeman to experience the consequences of your actions from the main game. You'll fight giant striders on stilts, gunships from the alien Combine occupiers, and hurl enemies into each other with the Gravity Gun Art.

All of this is once again heavily adapted to the room-scale VR experience, including motion controls. Your goal is to escape from City 17 - together with Alyx, who of course also plays a central role in the VR game Half-Life: Alyx.


The new mod will also be available for free, with an optional donation option on Ko-fi. It requires ownership of the Steam original Half-Life 2: Episode One. There is no word yet on when the mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be released.

Update to Half-Life 2 VR brings Workshop support

An update to the already available VR mod for Half-Life 2 was released on January 15th. The improvements include the return of the glowing muzzle flash from the original, as well as various detail changes to the weapon controls and reloading. For example, you now have to manually pull back the pistol slide to reload.

Holding the pistol with both hands now reduces the high kick, allowing you to fire several shots in a row more accurately. The mod now supports the Steam Workshop for user-made graphic mods and maps. A Steam Workshop tutorial is available on the Half-Life 2 VR Mod official website for uploading your own items.

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