Ghostbusters VR brings the ghost hunt to Meta Quest 2

Ghostbusters VR brings the ghost hunt to Meta Quest 2

Finally, Ghostbusters get a VR game with potential: The cooperative ghost hunt is brought to life by the renowned VR studio nDreams.

"Ghostbusters VR: Firehouse & Showdown" from 2018 is one of the biggest flops in the history of VR games. That makes it all the more pleasing that an experienced studio is working on the next version of the ghost-hunting adventure. Behind the title for Meta Quest 2, simply called "Ghostbusters VR", is nDreams, the makers of the action titles Fracked and Phantom: Covert Ops, which are packed with clever mechanics.

Meta announced Ghostbusters VR at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022. Your task is to build your own Ghostbusters headquarters in San Francisco. With a proton pack on your back and a P.K.E. meter in your hand, you personally go on a ghost hunt.

Ghost hunting with Meta Quest 2

The objective in virtual reality is, of course, to track down the creatures from the other world, capture them with the proton beam and lure them into a trap. As part of the new storyline, you'll solve a "deep mystery" in the Ghostbusters universe. The optional co-op mode for up to four players could provide social fun.

Once again, the creator of the infamous predecessor, Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, is involved in the project. So it can't hurt to not raise the expectations too high yet. Instead of real game scenes, we only got to see a pre-rendered teaser trailer for now.


Ghostbusters VR: Playstation VR 2 version is likely

So far, the title has been announced exclusively for Quest 2 and is supposed to come later this year. Since the brand belongs to Sony, a version for Playstation VR or Playstation VR 2 is likely. nDreams already confirmed several times that it's working on big AAA titles for Sony's planned VR headset.

More detailed information about the game should follow in the coming months.

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