Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is coming to Playstation VR 2

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is coming to Playstation VR 2

Publisher Fast Travel Games brings Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game to PSVR 2 and SteamVR. Both versions will receive new features.


The VR spin-off of the Stellaris strategy series, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, is losing its Meta Quest exclusivity. The VR game will be available for both Playstation VR 2 and PC VR via SteamVR starting October 5th for $19.99. Fast Travel Games announced today.

Free demo and new features

A free demo version for PSVR 2 will also be released at the same time. The PSVR 2 and SteamVR versions will feature improved graphics, two additional ships, and a new, more relaxed difficulty level. There's also a new autosave feature and, of course, you can collect trophies on PSVR 2.

The strategy game with roguelite elements was originally released in March 2023 exclusively for the Meta Quest 2 and is one of publisher Fast Travel Games' highest rated titles – you can read why in our review of Ghost Signal.

Ghost Signal for PSVR 2: What to expect

In Ghost Signal, you take control of a spaceship and lead it into battle against enemy fleets in a diorama view. The narrative campaign revolves around a ghostly signal that you must track down.



An artificial intelligence named Vir helps you with advice and action, commenting on events with a sarcastic undertone. In the depths of space, you'll haggle with alien traders, unlock new upgrades and attacks, or fight gigantic bosses.

Each run through the galactic course is different and follows the rules of the roguelite genre: If you die, you have to start the level over, but you keep important resources and bonuses.

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