Foo Fighters perform live concert in Meta's VR world

Foo Fighters perform live concert in Meta's VR world

With the Foo Fighters, Meta brings one of the most famous rock bands into virtual reality. The concert is also available on Meta's classic social platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Horizon Venues is Meta's virtual stage in the planned Metaverse. Among other things, the VR event app offers VR concerts that can be attended with self-designed avatars. However, unlike in Fortnite, concerts do not take place as a digital 3D version. Instead, Meta shows a monoscopic 180-degree live video on a large virtual screen.

Foo Fighters on Meta's VR stage

The Foo Fighters will perform on the same screen on February 13, in a concert that Meta says will be filmed specifically for VR. The stage will be captured from different angles with multiple 180-degree cameras. The concert will be directed by well-known U.S. music video producer Mark Romanek.

Meta wants to digitally spice up the VR concert with unspecified "XR elements" that will be superimposed during the show. Meta could be testing here how future real concerts can be visually enhanced by augmented reality. All venue viewers sit in the front row, of course.

"It’s a performance that shows the surreal convergence of the physical and virtual—and it promises to be unlike any show previously hosted on the Meta Quest Platform," Meta promises.


The company is keeping the setlist a secret but promises some rarely played tracks as well as one song that has never been played at a Foo Fighters concert.

Venues concert also on Instagram and Co.

If you want to attend the concert in VR, you need a Meta Quest and the free social app Horizon Venues.  If you want to be there live, you should tune in at around 8PM PT on February 13th. The exact start of the concert depends on when the finale of Super Bowl LVI ends. You can also watch a recording on Venues or Oculus TV within the next month.

Since the Metaverse is more than VR, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook company is also streaming the concert on Foo Fighters Facebook, Meta Quest Facebook and on Foo Fighters Instagram. It will also be featured on Messenger via Watch Together.

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