Fictional Atari VR headset pointing toward the future

Fictional Atari VR headset pointing toward the future

Nostalgia paired with modern technology: this fictional Atari VR headset is inspiring.


The headset's design is reminiscent of the Atari 2600 game console released in 1977 and mimics its black plastic slats and wood veneer. Emblazoned on the front of the case: the Atari Logo.

Otherwise, the headset is similar to existing VR headsets. It has a halo headband and various sensors on the front. The attached headphones with leather padding are fancy.

Atari VR headset: When designers dream

If you now think that Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is planning to come up with a VR headset, sorry. These are renderings that resulted from a collaboration between the design company Transparent House and digital artist Eduard Zhikharev.

VR-Headset Innenseite

The inside of the fictional Atari VR headset. | Image: Transparent House & Eduard Zhikharev

"We've produced these images in order to show what it might look like if Atari decided to make their own (head-mounted display). Design lines were inspired by the Atari VCS concept and applied to the modern look, while keeping the warm and classic feeling," writes Eduard Zhikharev on his website.

Headset designs are far from exhausted

The headset design is not only retro. It also provides a glimpse into a future where headsets will be so widely available that even more outlandish designs find a large enough buyer base.



Most commercial VR headsets are very similar. The daring 2017 headset designs from the design company Nonobject with personalizable VR caps or a shutter that goes through the middle of the headset show that things can be different, futuristic, and cool.


The "Kepi" design headset combines the housing of VR headset with a baseball cap. | Image: Nonobject

Apple's first headset is eagerly awaited. Will the company pull off a design coup in the form of a visually appealing and comfortable device? Will it be classic or futuristic? We could know at the beginning of 2023.

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