DigiLens partners with Mojo Vision, UltraLeap & more to expand capabilities

DigiLens partners with Mojo Vision, UltraLeap & more to expand capabilities

At AWE 2023, DigiLens announced partnerships with Mojo Vision, UltraLeap, Wisear, and Tactile to expand the capabilities of its AR glasses which also now support Snapdragon Spaces.


DigiLens is a leading manufacturer of AR glasses, like its new Argo headset for enterprise use. It also manufactures waveguide technology for other XR and AR devices. Collaborating with other industry leaders will strengthen its product line and inspire further innovation.

DigiLens partnerships

Mojo Vision, best known for its smart contact lens prototypes, brings a sub-micron scale display, providing up to 28,000 pixels per inch. Mojo Vision says its micro-LEDs are ready for volume production and could be used in consumer-oriented AR glasses.

A man wears a Mojo Lens in his eye, you can see his eye in the close-up.

Mojo Vision launches internal testing for Mojo Lens AR contact lens. | Image: Mojo Vision

UltraLeap has refined its software and sensors over several years to offer among the most accurate hand recognition and gesture interaction capabilities available. UltraLeap also offers in-air haptics, allowing you to feel virtual objects.

Wisear earphones enable hands-free, silent interaction with neural controls, so you can navigate AR controls without verbal commands. Boosting user efficiency with Wisear can save a great deal of time on projects that require both hands for precision.



Taqtile provides AR-based work instruction with its Manifest platform, dramatically reducing error rates and shortening training time. Taqtile is an established leader, working with enterprise customers like the US Army, Novartis, and PBC Linear.

DigiLens to support Snapdragon Spaces

DigiLens also announced plans to support Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces AR developer platform. DigiLens Argo AR headset contains a Snapdragon XR2, sensors, and connectivity that could allow positional tracking, image recognition, local anchors, spatial mapping, and more.


Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces is an AR development platform. | Image: Qualcomm

The XR industry is rapidly advancing, and these new hardware and software developments have applications in both VR headsets and AR glasses. It will be interesting to see how quickly adoption grows over the next year. While DigiLens is currently focused on enterprise use, its technology could be employed in consumer devices in the future.

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