Deep Rock Galactic in VR: The open beta is here, new trailer

Deep Rock Galactic in VR: The open beta is here, new trailer
  • The open beta is out

Update May 29:

The open beta for Deep Rock Galactic VR has started. You can download it at Mod.io. You can also find instructions there. There's a new trailer including motion control for the launch.

Article from May 19:

Deep Rock Galactic is a fantastic co-op title that now gets a full VR mode thanks to the eager modding community.

Good video games abound, but few of them offer VR support - a shortcoming that an industrious modding community has been rectifying, title by title, for years. VR mods for gaming hits like Alien: Isolation, Half-Life 2, GTFO, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil, Valheim or Risk of Rain 2 offer everything from simple VR ports to comprehensive motion support.

With the dwarf hit Deep Rock Galactic, the next VR port is now waiting in the wings.

Deep Rock Galactic with VR Crossplay

A team led by modder "Mr. Fristi" is working on a comprehensive VR mod for Deep Rock Galactic, motion controls included. With the mod, all functions of the co-op title should be available in VR and VR players should be able to play together with monitor players - as long as they also have the mod installed. Existing saves should also be compatible with the VR mod.

In Deep Rock Galactic, up to four players go into the mines as space dwarves. The bearded team must collect rare resources in procedurally generated and completely destructible caves on a dangerous alien planet.


The mining work is regularly disturbed by hordes of aliens. Players defend themselves with all kinds of weapons and equipment. Skills can be acquired and equipment upgraded between missions.

VR mods are the strength of PC VR

While the VR market continues to wait for the next game like Half-Life: Alyx, VR modders are porting numerous gaming hits or creating game-changing mods like HIGGS for Skyrim VR. This shows the strength of the PC platform, which has historically always benefited from mods.

Gamers who use Sony's Playstation VR or only Quest 2's standalone mode will, unfortunately, have to do without this access. VR modder Luke Ross has even made a profession out of his hobby.

Currently, the VR mod for Deep Rock Galactic is in a closed test phase. However, an open beta is to follow shortly, in which existing problems are to be found and solved. All information can be found in the "Flat to VR Modders" discord.