Conduct an entire orchestra in Maestro VR

Conduct an entire orchestra in Maestro VR

Maestro VR gives the genre of VR music games its very own touch: Instead of lightsabers like in Beat Saber, you swing the baton.

There is hardly a place where orchestral music can be experienced as centrally as at the conductor's podium. While people are still arguing about the best (and worst) acoustic seats in Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, Maestro VR puts you right in front of a virtual symphony orchestra.

In the musical VR game from Symphonic Games, you can conduct an entire orchestra and enjoy and influence the spatially mixed music.

Maestro VR: A little VR music

In virtual reality, you swing the baton with the controllers. Hand tracking is unfortunately not implemented yet. Besides the rhythm, you also have to translate the dynamics and nuances of the music into baton movements: The ensemble members should render the passages as powerfully or as sensitively as necessary.

The musical repertoire includes composers from different eras, with a focus on well-known names like Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach. In a first performance of Mozart's "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" you can see how virtual conducting works.

While the staff swings in time with green rhythm symbols, conductors use the other hand to indicate the use of certain instrument groups in the correct measure. The music sheet shows when this is necessary.


After a good performance you'll get experience points, advance in rank and unlock new rackets with special abilities. To prove yourself, there is also an online mode. Spectators take a seat in the virtual stands and experience your performance from the concert hall.

Conducting orchestral music on SteamVR and Quest (2)

In creative mode, you can customize the orchestra's lineup and play and share your own music. MIDI files are also supported. It is still unclear which of these creative and online features will also make it into the Quest implementation. The game is realized with Unity.

The Early Access launch on Steam is planned for mid-2022. Even before that, there will be a free Steam demo - from June 1 to 20. After the Steam launch of the full version, a version for Meta Quest (2) will follow.

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